# Coindex


Web services, systems

# Portals

  1. e2e - consumers
  2. e2c - retail

# Backend

  1. customer
  2. portfolio
  3. exchange - 3rd party apis
  4. sutor bank - euro conversion
  5. index - collection of index
  6. market apis - fetch realtime prices of currencies

Ripple Payment Protocol

Where is the backend url?
load_service_deails seeps into webpack default plugin

# Lib.js

  • backend serverless, on AWS lambda functions, API keys are required

# Workflows

# Login

  • Requires bitcoin.de account. Why? they are the official traders
    • based in Germany, largest
    • trade with real currency, have tie up with a bank
    • Fidor Bank
    • 4 crypto currency to real money in euros
  • intl namespace of js internationalization api
  • https://github.com/Billy-/Exchange-rates

# B2C

# React

  • React treats <Div> as component and <div> as an HTML element, casting matterns in naming
  • all rect components acts like js functions with props
  • unmounting when component is deleted/removed
  • use setState() to modify states, never update them directly, maybe asynchronous
  • Lifecycle hooks diagram
  • How to debug react components?
  • onChange handler when inpput field is changed.
  • Routes are also changed as per the language selected
  • Wire store to all react components automatically <Provider store={store}>
  • PersistGate delays the rendering of your app's UI until your persisted state has been retrieved and saved to redux.
  • Redux actions, dispatch

# Refactor

Warning: The <ThreeBounce /> component appears to be a function component that returns a class instance. Change ThreeBounce to a class that extends React.Component instead. If you can't use a class try assigning the prototype on the function as a workaround. `ThreeBounce.prototype = React.Component.prototype`. Don't use an arrow function since it cannot be called with `new` by React.

# Deployment

  • aws cloudfront and aws bucket
  • aws cloudformation
    • Model and provision all your cloud infrastructure resources
  • webpack configuration
  • aws cognito
    • Simple and Secure User Sign-Up, Sign-In, and Access Control
Code Sections Description
routing webapp/src/utils/routing.js
base html template webapp/src/static/index.html
app.js webapp/src/App.js
Libraries Description
shell.js sed, grep, cd, chmod
prop-types prop types for react components
react-responsive sueMediaQuery, isTablet
SNS simple notification service, pub/sub, sms, mobile push
  • lib-js -> webapp backend
  • utils -> actions -> api
  • api -> store -> redux provider {shared with all components}
  • or
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