# Amazon architecture associate

# S3

Simple storage Service

  • 11 9's of availability
  • Virtually Unlimited storage space
  • Buckets are like directories
  • IA- Infrequent access is automatically managed by ML algorithms to save cost
  • S3 Versioning, once turned ON cannot be turned off, only suspended.
  • ARN - Amazon Resource Name

S3 versioning

You see null on files which were uploaded before versioning was turned ON. After versioning is turned ON, all new files have a hash ID (epoch timestamp)

  • Lifecycle Management - save money
    • After 7 days, move to Glacier
    • After 365 days, permanently delete
  • Temporarily create Presigned URLs to read/write data for a short period of time from CLI
  • Cloudfront to S3 bucket -> speedup uploads/downloads
  • Prevent records deletion MFA-Delete
    • Only works when versioning is allowed on buckets

# Security

# Access

  1. ACL - Buclet access control lists
  2. Bucket Policies

# Encryption

SSE - Server Side encryption, acieved via SSL/TLS

  1. SSE AES Advanced encryption Standard
  2. SSE KMS Key Management Service, key enccrypted by another key
  3. Use your own keys, SSE Custom

CSE - Client Side Encryption

# Replication

  • 3 replicas for standard storage bucket, could be changed
  • CRR - Cross Region Replication, have to manually turn on/off, specify another location

# Operation

  • Upload/view files like Google Drive, drag and drop

# Glacier

Longterm cold storage

  • Retrival is gonna take some time ~ 1m
  • Extremely extremly cheap

# Snowball, Snoballedge, Snowmobile

  • Transfer petabytes of data to cloud, saving time.
  • Weather proof hardware computer
  • Last one is a container attached to truck

# VPC - Virtual Private Cloud

  • 5 VPC per region
  • IGW - Internet Gateway, provides internet access for VPC
  • System Manger's Session Manager service to replace Bastion host, jumpservers
  • VPC Endpoints to connect to other AWS services internally, without going to internet
  • Selection of route tables and network gateways

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