Web Development

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  • FullSTack Developer
    • Front end Development
      • Fonts, colors, typography
      • Layout designs
      • Presentation
      • Markup, CSS, JS
    • Backend Development
      • Business Logic in backend languages
      • API development
      • Server Management
      • Databases

Who uses Javascript?

  • v8 is javascript engine and webassembly engine in chome

    • node and
    • electron
    • Opra
    • microsift Edge
    • crucial piece of web technologies
  • with v8, Engaging webapps across a wide variety of browsers

  • with node, Js is used on CLi tools, servers

  • with Electron, cross platform desktop apps

  • react Native, cross platform Mobile Apps

  • JS can even run on low cost IoT devices these days

  • Js is everywhere, excellent time investment



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