# React Javascript Framework


# React

In React components, code reuse is primarily achieved through composition rather than inheritance.

How to implement state into component?

There are 2 ways

  1. class component
  2. Use new hooks

# How to learn

  • javascript ES6 (Objects, Arrays, Conditionals, Classes, types, async await, Promises, arrow fn, destructuring)
  • Components have states
  • states can be updated on certain browser events
  • Anatomy of a Component
    • component extends to React.Component Class
    • render() lifecycle method returns JSX
  • React developer tools
  • create-react-app is like a CLI
  • react-scripts - webpack magic
    • eject - if you want to customize webpack files
  • How data and props are added to components?
    • each componet have state Object
    • this.props.todos.map((todo) => (

      { todo.title }


Is there a limit on # files git can track?

# How HTTP works?

Why need a 3-way handshake? Why is not 2-way handshake enough?

HTTP 3-way Handshake sequence diagram

OSI reference model data units

# How website works

  1. Browser (cilent) makes a request to server (website server), like google.com etc
  2. Server respods to client request and starts transmitting response
  3. response is downloaded by Browser
  4. Browser parses the response
  5. Browser generates a DOM - DOMContentLoaded
  6. browser issues document.Load event
  7. control is passed to react js
  8. react js maintains a virtual-DOM. Why?
    1. apparently writes/frequent modifications to traditional DOM are expensive
    2. so we minimize write to DOM my maintaining a virtual DOM
    3. How virtual DOM is synced with actual DOM? Reconcilation step
    4. by taking diff and updating only the parts/elements which needs to update and leave the remaining tree un touched
      1. better than recreating entire DOM on every update

virtual DOM reconcilation virtual DOM diff computation

virtual DOM
in-memory datastructure cache


  <h1>Hello, world!</h1>,             // element
  document.getElementById('root')     // container

# Dotnet react app

node --version
npm --version
dotnet --version
tsc --version
Version 3.9.2

# Debugging

  • vscode
  • Debugger for Chrome - talk to google devtools protocol API
  • or
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