# Web Performance

  • Search Engine spiders can penalize low performant websites.
  • Majority of data on a webpage are images these days
    • Optimize images you fiz the pages


Let webpages we found and undexxed by spiders easily

# Core Web Vitals

  1. Speed
  2. Responsiveness
  3. Visual Stability
    1. CLS - Cumulative Layout Shift
    2. Use width and height everywhere.
      1. we can set them throught CSS as well
    3. Browser uses aspect-ration setting to calculate height and width if not already defined

LCP - Largest Contentful Paint

  • What causes LCP delays?

    • slow servers
    • Blocking javascript and css
    • slow resources load
    • client side rendering
  • Compress images, use better formats

  • image CDNs

  • Responsive images

FID - First Input Deplay

  • Long tasks queues up on main thread
  • Heavy JS bundles
  • rendering blocking scripts

# Resources

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