# Blink Browser Engine


Blink is a Browser Engine / Rendering Engine / Layout Engine

How does it all work together?

  • 2013, written in C++ as a part of Chromium Project, Official Chromium
  • Chromium has a multi-process architecture.
  • Chromium has one browser process and N sandboxed renderer processes. Blink runs in a renderer process.
  • Blink has one main thread, N worker threads and a couple of internal threads.
    • All JavaScript (except workers), DOM, CSS, style and layout calculations run on the main thread.
What is Chromium Project?

FOSS project started in 2008, C, C++, js, daily release

Source code could be compiled into a web browser.

# Differences from Chrome

  1. Chrome has more features
  2. closed source - binaries are licensed as freeware under the Google Chrome Terms of Service
What is Renering?
Process of applying paint to the wall

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