# Websockets

Web IDL is an interface description language (IDL) format for describing application programming interfaces (APIs) that are intended to be implemented in web browsers.
XHR - Xml HTTP Request
is an API, whose objects are provided by the browser's JavaScript environment.

# How to get realtime updates from server?

  1. Short Polling
  2. Long Polling - poll and then wait for sometime, until server sends response
  3. Websockets - full duplex communication

Send HTTP GET request via telnet

telnet www.google.com 80

HTTP/1.1 101 Switching Protocols
Upgrade: websocket
Connection: Upgrade
Sec-WebSocket-Accept: HSmrc0sMlYUkAGmm5OPpG2HaGWk=
Sec-WebSocket-Protocol: chat

# Websockets

HTTP is unidirectional, stateless


devtools inspect ws

Chrome -> devtools -> Netowrk tab -> WS

  • providing full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection
  • being standardize by W3C in Web IDL
  • works at Layer 7 in OSI model
  • 2 parts
    • Handshake to establish connection
    • then actual data transfer
    • similar to network MAC Protocols, CSMA/CA
  • Nginx has supported WebSockets since 2013
  • Masks data from other connections


WebSocket servers must validate the "Origin" header against the expected origins during connection establishment, to avoid Cross-Site WebSocket Hijacking attacks

Works in 3 stages

  1. Opening Handshake
  2. Data Exchange
  3. Close Connection

# Where and when websockets can be used?

feeds are updated in realtime by websockets

  • Gaming Applications
  • Chat Applications
  • Realtime online crypto exchanges
  • Social feeds
  • Collaborative editing/coding
  • SPorts update

# Beginners Guide to Websockets

upgrade to HTTP

  • How fast are they over traditional HTTP
  • Transport Layer
    • TCP, UDP
  • Internet Layer
    • IPv6, IPv4
  • Application Layer
    • HTTP, Websocket, SSL, IMAP, POP
  • Meet AJAX
  • How to implement it?
  • Browser Support
  • cannot communicate with REST

SocketIO is to websocket what jQuery is to Javascript

Dion Misic

  • namespaces
  • fail backs
  1. Polling
  2. Long Polling, keep connection open until new data has arrived
  3. Server Sent Events
    1. Event source API
    2. not truly bi-directional
    3. need a event loop
    4. works well with existing APIs

# Websockets vs AJAX

# HTTP 2

  • Decrease latency to improve page load speed in web browsers by considering:
  • data compression of HTTP headers
  • HTTP/2 Server Push
  • pipelining of requests
  • fixing the head-of-line blocking problem in HTTP 1.x
  • multiplexing multiple requests over a single TCP connection

HTTP handhsake sequence diagram

# How is it websocket different from HTTP?

# How does HTTP work?

  • connection is opened and closed by server

# Make realtime application that updates data from server?

  • Browserstack
  • pro.coinbase
  • financial exchanges
  • realtime news/social feeds
  • realtime chat
  • uber - watch cars moving

# How to implement and use WS?

# .NET Framework

  • Signal IR library

  • we recommend SignalR over raw WebSockets

    • SignalR provides transport fallback for environments where WebSockets is not available
  • A variable which holds socket connection, initialized on document load

  • Sysnchronous vs Asynchronous principles

  • HTTP, XMLHTTPRequest and websockets concepts

  • Websocket API

    • Methods
      • send
      • close
    • Events
      • open
      • Message
      • Error
      • close
  • How SignalR library works internally

# Socket Programming | Nettwork Programming

To build any networked application, we need socket Programming

  • Basics of TCP/IP Protocol connection
  • What and how do we program a connection?
  • Client Server Model
  • What are requests and response?
  • Which program generates them?

# Berkley's Socket API

  • What are [Socket]? to be specific Berkley Sockets
  • Are GPC different from sockets?
    • Yes, RPC are meant for OS whereas sockets are for communication b/w computers over the network

Good Questions

  1. How does traditional HTTP protocol works?
  2. How did AJAX changed it?
  3. What do websockets offer? and at what cost?


# Resources

  1. websocket.org
  2. XHR
  3. dotnet env websocket implementation
  4. Free book on operating system
  • or
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