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  • History
  • Similarities

difference between a letter and a character

# IPA - Internation Phonetic Albhabet

Transcribing speech, How to write sounds!

sudo apt install espeak-ng-espeak
speak --ipa "Hello $(whoami) $(hostname --fqdn)"
echo "Hello Avi Mehenwal" | speak --ipa -m -X -v en+anika
IPA examples
/p/ Peanut Pencil Please
/b/ Big Bad Baby
/t/ Take Two Turtles
/d/ Doughnuts Don't Disagree
/k/ Can Cat Cacle
/g/ Giggles Girl Gargoyles
/t ʃ/ Change Chewy Watches
// Ship
  • Vowels
  • consonents
  • syllables
  • IPA Letters
  • utterances and prosody
    • allophones & phonemes
  • How to learn accents? Learn IPA
  • Features
  • Openess - of jaw
    • sounds a, e
  • Backness - of toungue
  • 12 Place of articulation for consonents
    • Which part is causing the obsttruction
    • fish - /fi/
    • using lower lip and upper teeth
  • Manner of Articulation
  • Voicing /s/ - voiceless /z/ - voiced
  • f and v are very similar. F is voiceless, v is voiced
using both upper and lower lips.
sound examples
[m] man
[p] pan
[b] ban
[w] water
Lower lip contacts upper teeth
sound examples
f fish
v van
Tip of toungue touches upper teeth
toungue + back on upper teeth
sound examples
t town
d dog
s sun
z zoo
n nail
r run
l launch
Post Alveolar
sha, shine, vision. Hindi word tapu
Body of the toungue raised to the hard pallet. /j/ yes. Only one sound
Back of toungue to soft pallet. 2 sounds in english.
sound examples
k king
g garden
back of the toungue to uvular. None in english. French [r]
point of contact back at glottal. English has 2
sound examples
h home
? uh-oh

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