# Web Accessibility and W3C Standards


Web is for everyone and an essential part of life, at work, at home and on the road

Web Accessibility
people withdifferent abilitites can use the web equally
  • people using mouth stick to type
  • Someone who cannot hear and uses captions to watch video
  • Who cannot see well and uses scsreen reader to read the screen

# How to build accessibility into the code

HTML under the hood provide support for many accessibility features

  • Text alternatives for images
    • Read aloud by screen readers
    • also used by search engines
  • Labels, heading support acccessibility
  • Web Contenet Accessibility Guidelines WCAG
    • ISO 40500
    • EN 301 549
  • User Agent acccessibility Guidelines

15-20% of the populattion has diabilities

# How to conduct web accessibility test for a website

  • Navigate website using the tab key
  • Offscreen content
  • Familarize with screen readers
  • When content is dynamically added to page, where the focus is directed

# Accessibility Fundamentals

Provide People with disabilities, Alternative ways to access content

# Why is it important

  • Education
  • Government
  • Mandated by law in USA, UK, Isreal
  • How it is going to operates with screenreader, keyboard?
  • How it will look on a sunny day?
  • Screen Reader Accesss
    • Add Affordance styles
    • Cant rely on CSS anymore
  • How chrome actually talks to screen reader?
collection of javascrip objects
  • HTML tree is different from Acccessibility Tree
    • condensed than Fill HTML DOM tree
  • How to access accessibility tree?
    • from chrome dev tools Accessibility,
    • What chrome is actually handing over to assistive technology
  • Write Symantics HTML, why is it important?
    • because it gets announced by the screen reader
    • Typically start navigation starting from header
    • H1 to H6 are very important
    • Dont skip levels
    • Use them in sequiential order
    • Style them to be different sizes if you want them to different sizes
  • Built in elements have rich symentics
  • Generic elements have generic symentics
    • generic div - grouping element
    • Messup symentics like using div to look like a button
    • Use the right element for the job
  • What if you dont have a existing symentic element?
    • tabs element, carasoul element, expandable tree widget?
    • WAI-ARIA
      • Web Accessibility Initiative - Accessible Rich Internet Appplications
  • ARIA just changes symentics, do not add new cool behaviour
    • Lets you fill in the missing gaps in accessibility tree
    • Its still a lot of work
    • Stick to standard symentics

How to learn ARIA?

  • classical blue on white text thigns
  • you wander into sometime from google search and you are like didnt mean to be there and leave immediately
  • role="cheeckbox"
  • Labels helps user understand the purpose of a control
    • image alternaitive text
    • HTML label tag to wrap up input elements
  • much of ARIA works with ids
stands for accessibility
  • because its hard to spell

Countries that have adopted WCAG standard Learn Accessibility, webAIM

# Resources