# Tasks done at Avantys


# Tasks

  • Configure and build custom linux using yocto build system
    • Add device tree config to dtb files
    • Include or remove KCONFIG
    • add/remove linux modules so, ko
    • Buid apks from individual recipies and test them on target
    • Add patches on top of yocto recipies
    • created new recipe to attach static IPs to interfaces using systemd
    • Add mender client recipe on image and test rolling updates
    • Build and test x86 yocto image using virtmanager emulator
  • Helped configure and test I2C and SPI bus on beaglebone for gyroscope and tensile force sensor communication
  • adjust and Resize filesystem size based on available space on card using parted tool
  • gitlab CI pipeline and jobs maintenance
  • worked on dotnetcore + react webapp UI project bootstrapping
  • Maintaining and updating documentation

# Projects

  1. Skysails
  2. Weblogic
  3. remote embedded system management UI
  4. m-Bus

# Yocto

  • Generate apks from recipies
  • Install and remove apks on target
    • Runtime dependency RDEPENDS and normal dependencies DEPENDS
  • debug and maintain and test recipies
  • or
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