# SaaS

  • History of SaaS

# How to build a SaaS?

lucrative market for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that is expected to cross the $50 billion mark in the next 10 years,

  • SaaS UI “b2b dashboard”, “saas dashboard”, etc:
  • Select Freelancers who can do the job, narrow down the list.
    • Out of 10 expect 4 replies
    • Willing to work?
  • Create customer use case stories, userstory
  • The Hook Model
  • Product Design Overview
  • Product Features
  • Real life use case story
  • Pain Points & Solutions
  • User Stories
  • Hook Model worksheet
  • Invoicing
  • NeilPatel


I came across your profile on <> and would love to work with you. I am building a cloud based call tracking and phone system for small businesses and wanted to see if had any availability to do some design work.

Let me know of you have any time to jump on a call in next week or two.

After the landing page was up, I ran some basic Facebook ads to drive traffic to the site. From there I would call every single person that submitted their information through my form.

I created various phone scripts to document what was working and what wasn’t. I was able to get a couple paying customers using this method. I would create their account on the backend and charge them manually in Stripe. Then I would send them the URL of our software application along with their username and password.

My first customers loved that they were early adopters and able to contribute valuable feedback that would shape the product in the future.

Here’s a cool email I got from one of my first few customers:

# Why saas?

  • Globally Assessible
  • Available
  • Easy to upgrade
  • SaaS is cheaper to maintain than traditional desktop environment

usage-based pricing - when users pay based on the amount of usage pricing per feature - when you offer different sets of features freemium - free version with limited features with the ability to upgrade pricing per active user - when you charge per user for the entire product flat rate - when you offer the entire product or bundle of features under one price, paid on a monthly or yearly basis

  • Fundamentals are important for a reason
  • Understand your numbers
  • for the love of your god talk to your customers
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