# 💸 Monetization


# 💰 Web Monetization

New standard for content creators to make money online.

  • Say you are passionate about something, you make a website and put it online
  • Website is getting hits, aws decides to charge you $200.
  • Think about, Maybe make some money over this website? Alternatives
  • HTTP Spec had some ideas about internet monetization in future use.
    • 402 - Payment Required

36 cents / hour

  1. Add Advertisement - old has
    1. in US, 1 out of 4 user uses ad-blocker
  2. Subscription Model
    1. disney, youtube, patreon, twitch etc.
    2. 47% of US people are frustrated by subscriptions

# What is ILP?

ILP is a blockchain protocol used for payments across different payment networks

  • Open protocol for payments


How do I adopt monetization as a webdeveloper?
  1. Able to recieve ILP, server on cloud to accept payments. Interledger wallet
  2. Add web monetization <meta> tag
  3. (optional): Reward the user, better user experience, extra features, more content, thankyou note etc.

# Monetization Platoforms

  1. https://www.cinnamon.video/about
  2. $5/month https://coil.com/about
  3. https://gatehub.net/

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