# Graphics


How pixel is drawn on screen?

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Graphics are candidates for System Programming

# OpenGL

  • OpenGL is a GPU usage specification, is NOT a library or framework
    • communication between CPU and GPU
    • GPU builds actual array of colors which is then sent to electronics that runs the screen
    • OpenGL lets you access graphics hardware or GPU
    • directx, vulkan, direct3d
  • How do I download it?
    • GPU manufacturer ships the implementation, like NVIDIA with GPU drivers
    • vulkan cross platform
  • Shader is s/w that runs on GPU
  • C++ for OpenGL
  • How to draw a window on a computer?
    • OS provides APIs for Windowing System
      • specific to OS. How about a library which can issue commands for all OS?
    • GLFW

# Specifications

  • How to read specification like a pro?
    • What issue does it solve?
    • How does it solve it?

# Resources

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