# Quality Assurance Testing


There is no 100% bug-free software


  • Fully online and remote model
  • Customer UI, business UI
  • Watch test results getting updated as they happen in realtime

# Mock Objects

Interaction testing

A mock object is a fake object that is inserted into the system and later helps test decide if the system indeed interacted with the other objects.

  • In Real life projects testing really becomes a challenge. Why?
  • Mock vs Stub difference?

Test requirnment

If the object has a specific property then it should send an email.

How do we test it?

  1. ❌ check inbox using email API if email has been recieved!
  2. ❌ check on filesystem if a file is written
  3. ✅ Just test the interaction b/w your class (being tested) to emailSender class.
  • Unittest - runs only in memory, is repeatable, does not touch any external resources
  • As soon as you touch an external service it becomes a Integration test. Why?
    • because you are now contaiminating the environment. Other tests, systems might depend on it.
    • like database, email sender, filesystem etc.
  • Was emailSender called?
    • in production code, instead of using real values accept values through an Interface
    • then create that Interface in test
  • Sometimes you have to simulate the situations, we need to fake objects
    • Test when email server is full?
    • Out of memoery exception?
  • Thing that you assert on is Mock Object. FakeLogWriter
  • Everything else that helps run a test is stub. FakeEmailSender

how the function has been called and what the function returned is kept in mock property

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