# Getting a programming Job


# How to get a job at BIG 4

  • Facebook

  • Google

  • Amazon

  • Microsoft

  • twitch

  • Dropbox

  • Airbnb

  • Why BIG 4

    • Pay
    • You are atleast this good, bars are high
    • Generic skillset
    • Small companies - specific/niche skillset
  • People new to the interview game

  • Are you going to these companies to eat free food?

# Steps

Look at the pro atheletes, its a part of our Life now

  1. Get an interview somehow
    1. Resume should convince HR in 4 seconds
      1. 1 page, 2 page at max
      2. Quantative
      3. Side projects - shows that you are passionbate about your work
    2. Coding Challenges
    3. Referral
    4. Apply on their website
  2. Crack the interview somehow
    1. 1~2 * 45 mins phone interviews
    2. 3~4 * 45 mins onsight interviews
    3. Two bibles
      1. Cracking the coding interviews
      2. Programming Interview Exposed
      3. Glassdoor
      4. Hacker rank
      5. Practise on whiteboard
      6. Topcoder
    4. Mock Interviews

Its simple, but NOT EASY

  • Finding 2 strings of anagrams
  • finding the intersection of 2 lists
  • Fidning duplicates
  • Hashtables and sorting solves most intial problesm
  • Recursion problem
  • Find all the words on a boggle board
    • Order 1, thats what everybody wants

If you start preparing after interview is schedules, you might already be too late

Do you have what it takes to get the job

  • Apply, went in and tols that you are not good enough
  • You dont have to put how many times you failed on your Resume
    • top class guy and your resume might look the same
  • You are learning all of this content and none of this makes sense
    • Stay huingry, stay foolish
    • Be foolish to dare to think that you can work at the top companies in the world

# Moishe Lettvin - What I Learned Doing 250 Interviews at Google

  • 4,5 Interviewer, each writes a written feedback
    • Score b/w 1 to 4
  • which gets reconciled into a packet
  • Packet sent to a committe of people who get decise, hire, no hire decision
  • Would you love to work with this person?
  • Good questions are Onions
    • Iterating on your answers
  • Good for google, but not good enought fo rmy team
    • easy shot down
  • We need both, personality and technical skill
    • dicks drive the overall environment down, no matter how smart they are
    • toxic environment
  • Microsoft has an email chain going on, hire and no hire b/w successive interviews
  • How did you ATTACK the PROBLEM

# Ingredients to get a job


    • switch teams in 30 days
    • Reputation
    • Compensation
  • Illustrate Impact

    • Header
    • Summary
      • What you going to bring to the table
      • Engineerig Intern with interest in ML
    • Related Experience
    • Education
    • Additional Experience
  • Outreach strategies

    • apply and pray
    • Referral
    • Career Fair
    • LinkedIn
  • Google Everything

    • interviewing at Amazon
    • interview questions at amazon
  • Coding

  • Behavioural

    • important for amazon
  • Generals why/what?

    • how should we hire you

Jennifer Dewalt and I am making 180 websites in 180 days https://jenniferdewalt.com/

Jennifer De Walt: How I learned to Code by Making 180 websites in 180 days | JSConf.ar 2014

  • All the information you need is already out there ... and most of it is free
  • As long as you have a project to work on and motivation to do it, you alrady have tools to build it
  • Each website would be accompanied by a blog post
  • source code published to internet
  • Day 30 - 650 lines of CSS
  • Color is one of the most important tools we have as a adevelope for converying our meanign
  • This button has been clicked #times


Learn to Create, give it back to world. Those who create, create the future

  • Learn to create, what to create
  • What would be fun to make
  • Then learn to create
    • You are in a world of magic
    • Ask your best friend Google
    • Stay with questions together, and longer
  • Real artists ship
  • Magic is about doing what is percieved to be impossible