# Animation


List Of Animation studios

# How to make Animation?

  • Keynote can export slides as svg and movie format
    • google slides can do it too with limited features
    • lots of built in effects
  • Use animated gifs, svg art from internet, stock gifs
    • Use preanimated objects.
  • Keynote to blend everything together.
  • Story boarding
    • visual outline of your video
    • organize thoughts
  • Get script ready

# Video Formats

whereas the major video formats are all frame-based

  • get frames and them join them together using convert into gif
  • SVG animation in browser render at 60fps and screen recorder can do 30fps (most of them)
    • recording output might look sluggish
  • Vector based video format = death of pixel
convert -delay 5 -loop 0 frame??.svg animated.gif

# 💡 Ideas

Made with sozi Demo Link
  • SVG animation game
  • Inkscape Sozi Animation - A "zooming" presentation editor.

Debianzing a Python program to get a .deb [duplicate]

# Stock Animation

  • or
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