# Inkscape


# Introduction

Similar to Adobe illustrator

# PDF to SVG

inkscape --without-gui `pwd`/screenshot.pdf --export-plain-svg=`pwd`/screenshot.svg
svgo screenshot.svg
Pull filters out of SVG images?

Put all SVG from web into a special directory. Put all really cool images here to pull filters

mkdir -p ~/.config/inkspace/filters/
cp grass.svg ~/.config/inkspace/filters/

# Operations

  • How to pan around the screen
Object to Path | Stroke to Path difference?

Predefined objects in svg specification like circle, rectangle, ellipse

Stroke are curves likes, which could be converted to svg paths

# Tools and Libraries

Tools Description
Cairo Vector graphics library written in C

# PDF - Portable Document Format

  • PDF was standardized as ISO 32000 in 2008, and no longer requires any royalties for its implementation
  • independent of hardware, os, application. Looks same everywhere
  • written in postscript, LaTex
  • created by adobe in 1990's

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