# Templating


# Cookiecutter

Automatic code generation

  • Either use the interactive option of python API directly from code with no inputs, required inputs could be provided as below
  • can use filters and operator chaining
  • Uses jinja templating
  • Inheeritance include
    • Multiple liceses to choose from
  • Advantages as compared to other code generation tools
    • yeoman
  • Cookie cutter templates on github
pip3 install --user --verbose cookiecutter

cookiecutter -v --no-input gh:msabramo/cookiecutter-supervisor program_name=foobar startsecs=10

{%- now "utc", "%Y" %}
{# jinja comment #}

# How to create your own cookiecutter template?

  • cookiecutter.json
  • All variables used in template contect need to be in cookiecutter.json
  • Over 1000 already built templates
    • pytest template
    • pypi project template
    • python to IOS template
mkdir {{cookiecutter.project_slug}}
cd {{cookiecutter.project_slug}}

touch {{cookiecutter.script_name}}.py

# Steps

  1. First create the project
  2. Then replace evverything with template variables
  3. How to test templates on CI?

BSD project clone cannot be MIT. you can clone and modify MIT

# Considerations

  1. editorconfig file
  • or
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