# Anatomy


# Breathing apparatus

Lungs are only half of the apparatus

  • Responsible for exchange of gases, CO~2 out O~2 in
  • Lung dissection
  • Asthama - Wind pipe cartilages might be too narrow, broken or collapsed
  • Whats insode Trachea? Mucus
    • prevents dust getting into lungs
  • Alveoli - cant see with naked eye
  • What happens when we put it in water? It floats. Why?

# Blood, what is it

  • Carries around the gases filtered and fused into our blood through lungs to all parts of body

# Eye of the tiger

# Heart - pumping Blood

# Birds

  • Turkey has only one hole for poo and wee. Everything goes in and out of that hole
  • Stomach is wrinkled, to that it can expand to carry more

# Muscular System

  • Sekletal Muscles - tendons to bones
  • Cardiac Muscles - Heart
  • Smooth muscles - intestines and utreus
  • Muscles Fibres
  • Complementary - push and pull
  • strengthen in place - standing
  • Fast muscles and slow-twitch muscles
give or cause to give a short, sudden jerking or convulsive movement.

# Movement - Legs

Which muscles are used in running?

# New life creation

You are here, possible because someone had a great time All of us are fundamentally same ingredients but different soups.

  • Mate selection
  • Female egg has only one part of chromosome
  • Process of egg generation Oogenesis, puberty when body is able to reproduce
    • bugs, flies die in 2,5 days
  • Menstrual Cycle - preperation for fertilized egg, 28 days or so
  • Ovarian Cycle - maturation of egg - 375 days
  • Women are most fertile at the time of ovulation (when an egg is released from your ovaries), which usually occurs 12 to 14 days before your next period starts.
  • Female reproduction system deals with head on, single big play, while male reproduction use sheer force of numbers strategy
  • Delivery system
  • Male sperm generation is a cheap and easy Process biologically
    • its kind of like how skin cells are produced
    • transportation, nutritional energy, chemical protection, mortality
  • 50% Ingredient of life वीर्य
  • Female orgasm is not required for conception, and some may never experience one.
    • some are capable of serial orgasm.
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