# Evolution


Discipline of faculty

~ Sadhguru
  • One part of brain is still reptilian brain.
  • Darvins theory was proposed by Adiyogi 15,000 years ago
How does Solar System and Galaxies (millions of stars) works together without energy?

Perfect Geometry - have found perfect orbit.

  • You find your geometry and things will happen effortlessly with you.
  • Its the cycles of our mothers bodies with moon that each one of us is born.

# 10 Avatars

How life has evolved

Avatara Description
Matsya-avatara Fish life
Kurma avatara Ambhibious, like turtle
Varaha avatara Wild boar
Narasimha Half man, half animal
Vamana Dwarf man
Parashurama Volatile, full grown man
Lord Rama Peaceful man
Lord Krishna Loving man
BUddha Meditative man
Kalki Mystical being yet to come

# Desire

Is desire something fundamental in human beings? And without desire, how do we funtion in the world at all?

  • Why desire dominates? Why it changes year to year?
  • Two kinds of people, which one to choose? wanting, not-wanting?, supressing & letting go.
    • One driven by desires, people in business
    • Other supressing desires, Monks
      • Turn your desire towards your saviour
      • vows of celibacy, silence, one meal a day etc.

In the name of service of god, human beings have tortured themselves.

  • People indulge into things to Release their inhibitions
  • Fact - humans beings are voilent creatures, then why do we have conflicting thoughts of non-violence?
    • What is violence? Its in comparision
    • How do we observe violence?

What is desire? How does it happen? Can it be understood? lived with without supression and inhibition?

  • Natural fact - Sensation when we see something
  • We amplify sensation by touching it.
  • Seeing - contact - sensation - thought -> Birth of desire
  • Why thought does it? captures the sensation out of it and make an image out of it?
    • Unconscious, unaware habit/movement when thought captures sensation.
    • Can we create a gap?
  • Pay attention when thought is trying to take over, control is another form of desire.

There is no disciplined desire

  • desire is desire, irrespective of object
  • Unfullfilled desires are the source of misery, fulfilled desires are source of joy
  • Energy of desire is same as life, desire to get to work, do something
  • Your desire is to be unbounded
  • How to deal with unfullfilled desires?
  • Mostly, our desires are reaction to social situations we are living in.
  • Your expectations are not even yours. Enable yourself, whatever the situation arise you act in the way
  • Education, how to use your body and mind
    • Yoga
    • Classical music
    • classical dance
    • Languages: sanskrit, english
    • Martial arts

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