# Jordan Peterson

exercising power in a cruel or arbitrary way.
a system of society or government in which the father or eldest male is head of the family and descent is reckoned through the male line.
having or showing a wish to do evil to others.
not harmful or offensive.
the feeling that a person or a thing is worthless or beneath consideration.

# Interviews

  • Meaning that sustains in life is mostly to be found through responsibility and voluntary adoption of responsibility, from where you are most likely to find your fundamental strength
  • Lobster which has been defeated in a fight is more likely to fight again
  • If you repress osmething, it comes back with vengence - Psycoanalysis 101
  • You need to have capacity for danger
    • you need to be dangerous
    • but you need to learn how not to use itexcept when its necessary
  • Most fundamental orientation for most people is not career
  • Realm of values - Humanity
  • Realm of facts - Science
  • you are not drawing, the specifics of of your personal experience to syntensize something thats genuin and surprising
  • It not how much responsibiltiy I feel, it about how much responsibility I take
  • Life is like MATRIX
    • take blue pill and stick comforting delusions
    • take RED pill, larn some psycology and come out of matrix
  • worst idea is - mind is blank slated at birth
    • nature provides the first draft
  • Weak people area a problem
    • not physically weak, cowardly and decietful
  • Admit to fact that you are vurnabile is a form of Courage, that now a form of weakness
  • To young people, the lack of their best hurts everything
    • Make the best of the bad lot
  • Intelligence and wisdom are not the same thing.

MAD - Mutual Assured Destruction

  • Why do people fight over NATURAL RESOURCES? What value do they have?
  • Comparision of humans society with chimps society
  • Origin of word bArbarian
  • Athistic ideas hit russia raelly hard
  • People are just cowardly, not morality
  • Try to help make the opponents arguments as magneficent as you can, and try to undermine it
  • Belief System orients them to action
  • Listen to your enemy, if you dont the only option you have is to fight them
  • Ukrane in 1930
  • What is TRUTH?
    • pragmatic truth framework
    • objective truth framework
  • Multiple ways to affirm the analysis, evidence
  • We have got the bod for Intelligence
    • What can whales and dolphins do with their flippers?
  • Meaning of an essay
  • Game like structues, is inside us deep
    • baby undestands and can play tricks and games on you
    • pika bu
    • line between game and real life is not clear
    • online games artifacts costs like 30th richest country
  • What wealth can deliver?
  • A word is a low resolution image
  • HOw do we model the world? Infinitely complex
  • CHeck for erroe in DNA replication string?
  • Dianosaur vision - if you move, dinosaur can see you
    • efficcient use of limited resources
  • Reson we have coloured vision is because to detect RIPE fruit

Everytime I have been pushed into a corner adn remained composed, the narrative reversed I have learnt how to monetize social justice warriors

# Talk

  • Social hierarchies have been around for a 3rd of billion years old
    • Lobsters analogy
    • give [Serotonin] to a defeated lobster and it will fight again
    • hierarchy determines ration of negative to positive emotions
  • The part of your brain that detects and regulates your response to hierarchy is older than the part of your brain that recognizes trees. Its really really fundamental
  • What predicts success in western hierarchy?
  • Reciprocity - how would you like to be treated?
    • often people would treat others better than themselves
    • Medication of your dog, verse your medication. you might even skip you medication but would feed dog regularly
  • Why people dont like themselves very much?
    • We are fragile, damagable and imperfect in multiple dimensions
    • prone to temptations, we carry all our memories from the past
    • you are capabile of pretty vicious acts of malevolence
    • Real existential question of Why the hell you should take care of something as sorry and wreched as you are?
    • Act as if you genuinly care for yourself? You have something valuable to bring to the society
  • You have ethical responsibility to take care of yourself.
  • Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to someone else is today
  • People are so interesting because they are so peculiar if you listen to them, they are like peinguins and ostriches and rhinosaures and unlikey creatures
  • Most of the creative products are distributed in [Pareto distribution]
    • 20% of employees do 80% of the work
    • 20% of customers are responsible for 80% of sales
    • In a given domain square root of people opearint in that domain do half the productive work
      • for 10 employees 3 do half od the work
      • for 100 -> 10 do half of the work
      • for 1000 -> 30
      • for 10,000 -> 100
    • ironclad rule, applies to size of stars and size of cities
    • [Pareto distribution] of wealth in society
      • any creative product has this characterstics, music records
  • There will always be inequality, there will always be people around who will be better in something than you are
  • Do something to make yourself better today for tomorrows you
    • define better yourself
    • incremental improvement are unstoppable [Pareto distribution] kind like effect
    • How can I conceive of my life so that if I had that life it would be clearly worth living, so I would not have to be bitter, resentful, deceitful, arrogant and vengeful. Bottom Life
    • What would make this worthwile?
    • He who as a WHY can bear almost any HOW
  • The roots of dark side of humanity reaches upto the depth of the hell
    • Rape of Nanking
    • Nazi Germany - Auschwitz
    • there is a Dragon that lives inside you, Do you want to wake the dragon?
  • Open you bloddy eyes, and if they do something that you would like to do them again, then you tell them how much you appretiate that that happened and you help that it replicates
    • whatch - when they do something they should do more of, say hey look, I saw you did this specific thing and it took some effort , heres what it meant and heres how I observed it. Please keep that up. you do it for them
  • successful parent IF => all sorts of other children want to play with him/her at 4
    • Now your child can play with anyone, whole world or children is open to them
    • Play/GAME is how people develop
  • Biography Carl Panzram - serial killer
  • Columbine High School massacre
    • There are over 300 shootings everyday in united states
    • Resentment could be a great motivation
    • Resentment could also be a great Teacher, first admit that it exists,
      • then grow the hell up
      • Meditate over it
      • I hope there is something wrong me, because the way I look at it, either something is wrong witht the world or with me
        • with me, upside is you can take some actions to change
  • Do what is meaningful and not what is expedient
  • The way to stop being nazis is for you to know that the nazis were you, and for you to decide not to do that again, rellizing that it might be enjoyable for some people
  • What you dont know is more important than what you know - humility
    • continually transforming fool, humble enough to make friends with people you doesnt know
    • Listening - people think by talking, ask GOOD questions
    • Summarize their argument for them, useful for both
      • Straw man - avoid
  • How many civilized countries are there in the world - maybe 3 dozen, rest of of them are run by brutal thugs
    • eBay - honest transactions
    • default honesty
  • serious illness inflicted on a child, people you love, what you do it in crisis situation?
    • test of your faith, overwhelmend by crisis
    • people are lot tougher than they think
    • Pat a cat siamese cat
    • there is a big gap between tragedy and hell
  • Make the world a better place, because we do not have anything better to do
  • Stop talking to people who arent listening to you and start watching them, when you watch them they will tell you what they are upto
  • A good person is someone who is trying to get better
    • We learn things painfully
    • when we learn something, a part of you has to die and reborn

# Belief System

  • Religion is mostly belief system of one person passed on to masses
  • All reglions started as a method to turn inward
    • Inward step can only be taken by an individual
  • People who believe are the confident ones
  • When its you become alert, when you know everything, life becomes dull
  • Fear and devoution cannot exist together
  • Belief system -> value system -> values -> actions
    • you are a loose collection of multiple arguing personalitites
    • how much commited are you to that goal
    • how much have you thought through?
    • How much you buy into it?
    • How many of contradictions have you managed to iron out?
  • There is more to life than intellect

# Morality

  1. Harm/Care
  2. Fairness / Reciprocity
  3. Ingroup / Loyality
  4. Authority / Respect
  5. Purity / Sanctity

Sports is to war, what pornography is to sex


# What is religion? What it does for us and to us?
  • A lof of the problems we are to solve, are the problems that requires to change other people
  • And if you want to change people, first undertand who we are

# Political Spectrum

Began during French Revolution

Left Wing

  • liberty
  • equality
  • internationalism
  • more government
  • liberals

Right wing

  • authority
  • hierarchy
  • tradition
  • nationalism
  • less government
  • conservative

# 12 rules for life

Fortification against tragedy for individual people, man, women and others

  • What is he selling that people are ready to pay for
  1. stand straingt on your shoulders back
  2. Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping
  3. Compare yourself to who you were yesaterday
  4. Start to stop doing , what you know to be wrong
    1. smling
    2. killing
  5. Pursue what is meaningful, not expedieent
  6. Tell the truth, or at least dont lie
  7. Assume that the person you are talking to, know something that you dont
  8. Precise in your speech
    1. write cause -> effects on paper like explaining ailments to a doctor
  9. Pet a cat when you encounter on on street

Ideas for life

  • Courage
  • Nobility
  • Responsibility

# Domain of Categories for jobs

# Simple jobs

Learn the job once and then repeat it. Factory works

# Complext jobs

Learn and cahnge on daily baises

  • IQ
  • Consciousness
  • uneasy marriage of entrepreneual and managerial enterprise
# Sales
  • extroverted

  • emotionally stable

  • assertive

  • How do we come to know ourself?

    • Observe yourself like a stranger
    • watch your self carefully
    • What sort of person would say that?
    • How am I reacting emotionally when I say that?
    • Does that make me feel stronger/weaker?
    • Is it helping or or am i decieving myself and others?
    • What are my dark fantasies?
    • What is it I am willing to do?
    • What do I procastinate about and why?
    • What ami I unwilling to do?
  • What is your potential for mayhem?

  • What do you challenge yourself to be?

    • you could improve, should improve and then you would improve
  • Courage in face of fear, shoes humility

  • Could I do this? and then could I do it better?

    • incremental improvement
  • Watch yourself like a snake, as if you dont know who you are, completely ignorant

# IQ Debate

  • General cognitive ability
  • trait Consciousness
  • Their isnt job for everyone, you cannot train anyone to do anything
  • 10% of the people have IQ of 83 and less
    • there isnt anything for 10% of people to do
    • simply dumping money at people isnt helpful
  • Average [Ashkenazi] Jews IQ is higher than 85% of the population
  • Albert Einstein IQ 160

  • OCEAN Personality Test

# Responsibility

  • take responsibility for everything in Life
    • you cannot control everything in life, STILL give it a try
  • do not complain and play blame game
  • Everythign is your fault, even when its not
  • Responsibility is never given, its taken
  • Old testament, when elohim punished jews (which happened pretty frequently)
    • they took responsibility, maybe we have been doing something wrong
  • You are the CEO, CTO, CFO of your life. Be the architect
  • We are living in the most crowded network ever, I am not entitles to any attention, no leverage
    • if we dig deep, we might get some attention
  • If you are waiting for the perfect horse on that carasoul, you have missed 3,4 ... 7 cycles, all the horses are just as good
  • It never gets easier, it never gets fun and gravity also sucks
  • Act like a NON-Commodity
  • Bell curve, normal distribution. Understand people differently
  • Responsibility, its a happy place to think about
the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events.
the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.
  1. Set an intent
    1. you maynot know how? But a image of what you want in the end can steer yourlife
  2. Pay Attension
  3. Attitude to Life
  4. Affection and Compassion, share Happyness
  5. Take Actions
  6. Meditate - listen to yourself

# Archetype

Pattern of behaviour thats grounded in biology. So its the behaviour itself
that which is copied
  • Idea of Archetype of dominance is older than our ability to percieve trees


CBT - Cognitive behaviour therapy

  1. examine thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  2. breaking down to your core beliefs, what would that mean? technique
  3. man I am not capabile?
  4. I am worthless?
  5. Determine the Template for core belief
  6. worthless people try to prove their worth, look my new job, look my new car etc
  7. Once issue is identified, Come to problem solving phase
  8. Core beliefs feels pervasive, we want to make them more conditional
  9. Design experiment to challenge an assumption

Cognitive Model

  • CBT is a "problem-focused" and "action-oriented" form of therapy, meaning it is used to treat specific problems related to a diagnosed mental disorder.
  • Same situation could be interpreted in muktiple ways by us.
  • We have very little control over environment around us, but we do have control how we intreprete the life
  • Empirical and scientific approach
  • Problem oriented - Guided discovery , Socratic Questioning
  • Catch it, Check it, Change it - The 3 C's
  • Cognitive techniques
    • what thoughts you have about something
  • Behavioural techniques
    • going out in world and experimenting
  • Design a intervention technique based on problem
  • Research says, loss of parent in childhood, makes you more vurnable to for the development of depression in adulthood
  • Self sabotage is aprocess that is tied into our Biology, and our evolutionary roots.
    • That is why most us cannot escape it to some degree.
    • self sabotage switch turn ON, if you start thinking more about avoiding threat than thinking about attaining rewards
    • In modern day, threat is not polar bear, saber tooth tiger, what is I do not et the job? what if everyone laughs at me? what if person I ask for a date rejects me?
    • Havent developed to the point of distinguishing physical threat from emotional threat. So fight or flight response gets trigerred
    • people stop thinking about rewards and avoid it more and more and falls into the loop
  • get unstuck, so that you do not suck at Life
  • narcissistic abuse

Cognitive model example

If you want to put out a fire, you need to tackle the elements keeping the fire going - heat, fuel, oxygen, rather than looking for the spark that started the fire


How to approach a CBT case

# Todos

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