# Self Help


Do not look upto something and look down on something.

Goal of Humanity

Pleasent Experience. People who have not a moment of anger, agitation, irritation, anxiousness or somethign not pleasent for past 15 years of their lives!

  • Mr ego is the fall guy, when you do somethign great "I did it", something nasty, "it was my ego"
  • We are busy producing sub-standard human being
  • Were people born 2k,5k years ago were much more smarter than me?

# Self Help Industry trap

Self help industry $ 13.6 billion by 2022, 5.6% average yearly gains

  • Action Faking
    • reading about how to start a business, but never opening one
    • ordering business card instead booking a sale on phone
  • Personality Development
  • Artificial motivation, artificailly induced motivation
    • the next big business model to achieve financial freedom
    • unlocking your charismatic self
    • some meditation trick that will unlock your 3rd eye
  • Have I consumed more than I have put into action?
  • Be watchful, that you are still not living in a bubble. Reality may burst that bubble
  • Actual meaningful things are created through struggle
  • hustle culture
    • Instagram entrepreneurs
    • Fake gurus
    • humble bragging
    • What are you working hard for? What your WHY?

# Truth of Money

  • 68% of the wealthy were self made

Equation of money

Equation taught to you in school

Equation in capatalist society

  • Footballers are overpaid, whats the market?
    • matches and merchandise
    • enough demand?
  • Value generated by a cleaner (could be replaced by anyone), accountant (lynchpin)
  • How to generate value?
    • Solve problems
  • What problems does site like amazon solves?
    • Hassle going to market to order
    • Home delivery
  • Listen to people, they always have problems? Then decide is it worth solving

# Data Brokers

$200 billion Industry

  • Selling data points

  • Look for patterns

    • UK Cambridge Analytica
  • You data is not yours anymore

  • GDPR - EU regulation passed in 2016 to protect personal data

  • How to pregress through life, when you dont have dreams for yourself

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