# Religion


Shortest distance between two people is a story Building bridges Comedy acts like a wodden sword, hits the point without harming anyone

# Hinduism

The goal is to attain self realization through deep mediation experience that god and me are the same being

  • Not even a religion, its a way of life
  • Sanatan Dharma
  • Worlds oldest religion, around 1500 BC (as recorded)
  • India and hindu came from the same world SINDHU
  • Sanskrit is the ancient languague of Indus Valley civilization
  • One universal soul, formless, genderless source of reality
    • everything is a part of ocean, drops propelling out
  • immortal souls, ATMA -> Transmigration via Karma (Action)
  • Moksha - free from cycle of life and death
  • Time has no beginning and end - it has cycles
    • 1 epoch 4.32 million years
      • Krita Yuga
      • Treta Yuga
      • Dvapara Yuga
      • Kalyug
  • Dharma - each being has theor own dharms
    • lions dharm is to kill and eat deer
    • kings dharma is to rule well
  • No prophets, no sigle religious book, instead vedas -> Upanishads(800-500 BC)
    • Rig vedas
      • Truth, reality, universe
      • war, wedding and rituals
    • Yajur vedas
      • sacrifisial rituals
    • Sama veda
      • sweet song that destroys sorrow
    • Atharva veda
      • curse enemies, charm your loved one
      • learn to invoke rain, herbal tip
      • warfare, how to make poison arrows


  • is a non profit organization
  • Upanishads and Puranas, philosophical texts
  • Mahabharata longest poem in the world, 5 times length of bible
    • Dharma must be followed for society to function
    • There is no knowledge like sankhya and no power like yoga
  • 4 goals person should aim for to have a good life
    • Dharms
    • Artha
    • Kama - pleasure of body and mind
      • avoid materialism
      • krodha
      • Lobha
      • Moha - attachment to power
      • mada - excessive pride
      • Matsarya - jealousy
    • Moksha - break the cycle and merge with the source of creation
  • Shiva - Tandava dance destroyed the world after the epoch end
  • If scale of dharma are tipping and externa, intervention is required, a AVATAR (descent) is sent
    • to restore dharma
  • Caste System - based on their abilities, not by their birth
    • Manusmrity careated some hard rules around it
      • Bhramins lords of all casts
      • Forbid movement among casts

# Dharma

Hinduism gunas or tendencies

  • carries a lot of weight
    • Dhriti
    • Kshama
    • Dama
    • Asteya - theft
    • Shauch
    • Dhi
    • Vidya
    • Satya
    • Akhrod - absence of anger
  • Everyone has mix of 3 tendencies Gunas = tendencies
    • Sattva - tendencies towards purity and truth
    • Rajas - towards action and activity
    • Tamas - tendency towards inaction
      • All 3 together affects persons thoughts, behavious and personality


Natural order for natural law

# Buddhism

  • Indian sage
  • 2500 years ago
  • 4th largest religion in world
  • Born to a royal family
    • mother died when he was young - 7days after birth
    • lived inside palace
    • trained by vishwamitra
    • swan shot by arrows
    • Fight b/w weak and strong
    • Son - Rahul
  • THere is no knowledge without sacrifise
  • In order to gain anything, first you must loose everything
  • The world is filled with pain and sorrow, but we can find serenity
    • No matter what your circumstances, you will end up loosing everything, end up aging, end up ill
    • Figure out how to make it all right
    • How to deal with all this?
  • Promise of story is relevant and its treaching
    • He who sees me, see the teaching. And he who sees the teachings, sees me
  • Path of seeker, he doesnt have a solution yet, but he recognizes the problem
    • Why the human beings suffer? Is there any escape?
  • Gods became less important than the rituals themselves
  • Trans-state - rigrous yogic practises
  • Budda did it All, all to the utmost
    • eat one grain per day
    • sleep on nails
    • standing on one foot
    • drink his own urine
  • We are all in it together, everything is connected
  • Grace of accepting the life - when buddha accepted rice from a young girl, decision towards life
    • you cannot do it completely from your own
    • wash himself, strengthened and then sat for mediation
  • He had 2 gurus, which did not help him, following ritual almost broke his body and mind
    • Trust himself now
  • Batteled with the god of desire, with all temptations
  • cosmic vision of the workings of the entire universe in 6 years
    • his past lives, evolution
    • capacity to attain Nirvana is within us.
    • Just this, just this, the quality of this moment
  • How to teach the path of spirituality?
  • Its not the path of Asceticism, or sensory indulgance, its the middle way
    • example to extra tight, loose string to produce sound. THere is a middle way
  • Problem of suffering? And What to do about it? Everything else is beside the point, creation etc
  • He established a community who could live together and help each other - sangha
  • Pay attention to your own thoughts
  • One time you are angry, one time you are calm and happy, who are you?
    • one thing today and another thing tomorrw, water in glass, next day in air or human
    • Causality, everything is connected to everything else
  • We are burning with Desires all of us
  • Miracle - something unexpected, hard to explain
  • Unknown is unspeakably more than know, and it will always be there.
  • Always reason before accepting
  • He too was helpless sometimes, how own kingdom was massacared, even he failed to perform a miracle
  • Change has to come from within
  • Let the dharma and the discipline be your teacher and died peacefully
  • Remember me as the one who woke up

# Jainism

  • Jain tradition is older than Buddhism
  • Adinath - first yogi of hatha yoga

# Four Noble Truths

  • Buddha four noble truth
  • Humans are the specie where new born require nurturing
    • evolve human circuits of generosity, empathy, humbleness, humility
  1. There is suffering/ dis-satisfaction in this world
    1. It doesnt arises by itself, it has causes. Our own mind can cause it.
  2. Suffering has a cause
    1. could be Desire
    2. Be smart about desire
  3. Make an astonishing claim, Truth of end of suffering - Nirhodha
  4. Noble eightfold paths
    1. Right view
      1. Actions have Consequences
    2. Right Resolve / intention
      1. no ill-will
    3. Right speech
    4. Right Action
    5. Right Livelyhood
    6. Right Effort
    7. Right Mindfulness
    8. Right Samadhi
      1. Vipassana Mediation
  • recipies to life, as to which one makes the best soupe
  • Liberation from Samsara

# Story of Buddha

  • Born around 6th centuary BC in foothills of himalayas
  • If you below mind you are buddhu, above buddha
  • What is taht man? old
  • Will it happen to me too?
  • What is he doing? sick person
  • What are they doing? at a funeral
  • 1800 different varieties of doing yoga, like how medical sciences are becoming today
  • Take away the barriers, which are not allowing me to experience it
  • He sat with a resolve to find out the nature of existence
  • Buddhist pilgrimage sites
  • Buddha attained Bliss of liberation state - Anand nugget samadhi

# Islam

  • Mecca Kabba
    • built by Abhrahim
    • white stone which turned black
    • black stone said to date back as adam and eve
    • was robbed by Abu Tahir al-Qarmati once
      • now only fragments remains
    • Stone is not a meteorite, possibly a Agate

# Paganism

  • Wiccan

# Christianity

Church Tax for 30,000 euros annum income

  • started in germanya round 4th centuary
  • The four largest branches of Christianity are the
    • Catholic Church (1.3 billion/50.1%)
    • Protestantism (920 million/36.7%)
    • the Eastern Orthodox Church (230 million)
    • Oriental Orthodoxy (62 million/Orthodoxy combined at 11.9%),
  • 1/3 of total global popullation
  • Church tax 8-9% in germany if you are a part of state reognized Church
    • easy to marry
    • Renovating churches, salary
  • A protestant church started because a king wanted a divource
  • Period of Reformation 16thC Europe
    • church was a very powerful institute, they own 1/3rf of european land
    • they marry, confessions, death rituals, read bible (latin)
    • sola fide
    • Martin Luther
      • churches rituals did not have the power to save souls
      • alligations that preist were not doing rituals properly and none of them had any spiritual power
      • new translation of bible into german
      • landlords vs clergymen, biggest german peasent revolt before french revolution
        • was supressed with crushing brutality 100,000 people were killed
In the teaching of the Catholic Church, an indulgence is "a way to reduce the amount of punishment one has to undergo for sins"
a group of people assembled for religious worship.

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