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20th centuary one of the most violent and destruction periods in history

# Super rich in Germany

  • Many super rich germans stay hidden in public eyes and internet, shy on social media
    • Avoid publicity
    • As it could be seen by people, they inherited it from 3rd Reich
  • List of Germans by worth
  • Exclusive parties for rich - organised by magazine companies for interview
    • Football boxes
  • Political Influences?
    • If you employ lot of people
The act or process of recollecting past experiences or events

Berlin, east and west germany on map

Germany Army

# Business

According to World Bank figures from 2016, nearly 9 out of 10 Germans are Internet users (89%, compared to the UK’s 92% and the USA’s 76%). Not only that, but 87% of the population is reportedly in the habit of shopping online, where they predominantly purchase clothing, shoes, books and electronics.

  • Just one person is sufficient to set up a GmbH, for which the share capital must be at least €25,000.
  • Commercial Register (Handelsregister).
  • A GmbH must appoint one or more managing directors (Geschäftsführer), who may also be shareholders of the company and are the only persons entitled to represent the company.
  • Aktiengesellschaft (AG) (Joint stock company, corporation).
  • students - after 2 years - Nebensgewerben
  • Handelskammer - chamber of commers
  • gewarb anmelding - cityname, gewerbemeldestelle
  • Finanzeamt - Fragabogen zur steurlichen erfassung
  • Hiring
    • Free agents (freie Mitarbeiter)
    • A full or part-time employee (Angestellter)
  • Company Types
    • GmbH
    • GbR

80 million people and more than 47 million online shoppers, it’s one of the biggest markets in Europe.

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