# India


Worlds largest democracy

  • we are a godless country
  • we are a country without any morals
  • Mostly matriarcal before invasions
  • Has always been a country for everybody
  • Only culture on planet which constantly told you, you life is your karma (doing)
  • 9th centuary, invention of gunpowder in china, The Great Wall
  • Ours is a oral culture, things have been passed down from generation to generation orally
    • Anybody can write facts, usually victors
  • Country of geological jewels and culture
  • 5-6th CE Aryabhatta
  • 3rd-4th CE Indus valley, Harappa Civilization, trade with sumerian civilization
    • 3900 BC
    • writing system still remains undeciphered
  • Vedic Period - Indo aryans
    • caste system, society faction are discovered
  • 500 BC
    • chandragupta
    • Maurayan empire Ashoka
      • Battle of kalinga 100,000 soldiers on both sides
      • vow of non-violence and spread buddhism
  • Golden Age
    • 4th-5th AD Gupta empire
    • game chess was invented in this Period
  • India had trade relationships with roman empire, after it fell, portugal took advange and set up many colonial ports
  • East India COmpany under the leadership of rober clive
    • british induced famine
    • resistance fom sikhs
  • sepoy mutiny failed in 1857
    • British crown took direct control of india, with queen victoria as empress of india in 1876
  • indian soldiers contributed in WW1
  • Gandhi lead indians to challenge the british for independence
  • WW2 - india fought as allied nations, over 2,5 million indian volunteered to fight
  • 1947 - granted independence
    • one of the largest mass migration ever recorded in history
  • 1971 - east pakistan - Bangladesh
  • Indians helped built a temple in lebanon Phoenicia temple
  • Tamil Indian kings built Angkor Thom
  • If there is no pride, why would you want to create it!
  • No other culture on planet has the variety of weaves that India has.
    • all of them are endangered, chinese silk might kill them all
  • World is imitating America, because of theor power and infuence
    • world wears american workers clothes
    • if they wear torn clothes, entire world imitates
    • If they drink CO2, entire world does. Every child knows we need O2 and not CO2
  • Nations
    • Hard power
    • Soft Power
      • beijing olympics
  • Biggest telecommunication market in the world
    • 15 Million cell phones a month
    • empowerment of underclass is the real result of interconnect
    • Afganistan - india does not have a military mission there
      • 8:30 kyoki saash bhi kabhi bahu thee broadcast
  • Ayurveda
  • Story of civilization, been a open society for millenia
  • Extraordinary Phenomenon
    • election won by a woman political leader of italian origin and roman catholic faith
    • made way fro sikh manmohan singh
    • to be sworn in as PM by muslim PM kalam
    • in a country 81% hindu
  • India is an idea of ever ever land
  • We are super power and super power, we cannot be both
  • 70% of indias wealth is in 10% of the wealthy people, 50% of wealth is in 1%
  • Before Independence life expantency in india was 28 years
  • Harappa society could be Matriarcal
    • possibly Matriarcal society,
    • Followed yogi and samkhya philosophies
    • possible democratic, and disciplined society

Indian culture

Unity in diversity

  • ISRO - cheapest moon mission
  • Boloywood is largest
  • cricket - god of cricket
  • Birthplace of Hinduism
  • 7th Largest country by area
  • 2nd largest country by popullation
    • Overtake china by 2034
  • Worlds 4th largest army
  • Birthplace of many religions
    • Hinduism
    • Jainism
    • Buddhism
    • Sikhism
  • Clothing
  • Foods
  • Celebrations
  • Traditional Music
    • Carnatik music
    • Hindustani music
    • melofy, drone, tala
  • Traditional dances in India
    • Bharatnatyam
    • Kathakali
    • Kathak
    • Manipuri
    • Kuchipudi
    • Odissi
  • Lotus is important
  • 23 Languages

# Indian Legends - Mahabharat

18 Days in English Animated

# Family tree

  • Kunti + Sun God = karan
  • Kunti + Pandu = {Arjun, Bhim , Yudhistir}
  • Madri + Pandu = {Nakul, Sehdev}
  • Dhristrashtr (pandus brother) + Gandhari = {Duriyodhan ...100... kids}
  • Bhishma pledge of celibacy
  • Duryodhana tried to burn them in palace during sleep
  • Arjun ki aankh - swaymvar contest, 5 years after burnt palace incident
  • came back to Hastinapur, land was split and divided into 2
  • Arjun + Subhadra (karishna, balrams sister) = Abhimanyu
  • 13 years of agyatvass after loosing in gambling
  • after 13 years of vanvas
  • Gita
    • killing in self defense is courage and duty not violence
    • largest poem on planet
    • each chapter concludes with yoga
    • covers all 25 elements of samkhya philosophy

18 days of total massacre and brutal war

  • Kurukshetra war
  • Indraprastha carved by the chief architect of indra when krishna summoned them after split of region b/w kauravs and pandavas
  • Bhishma fell on 10th day of war
    • folloowing the code of war, that he will not attack a woman
  • Battle formations were predetermined and trained by kshtriyas
    • spinning wheel formations
    • crocodile formations
    • cresent moon formations
  • day 13th abhimanyu (Arjuna's son) was ambushed and killed
  • Drona starts using astras (occult weapons to be used against warriors only) on foot soldiers
  • on 16th day, kauravs army was 1/4 of pandavas
  • War aftermath
    • ashathama kills 5 pandavas kids in sleep

# Vedas

  • Rigveds 3000 - 2000 BC
    • Gayatri manta
      • dhi mahi - dhyaan kare, not worship
  • Atharva Vedas

# Ramayana

So what is the learning

  • Do you want leader of nation who puts people above his own personal family and love or dhritrashtra, at any cost my son
  • Ram married sita and his brothers married sitas' sisters
  • sotry if ram is a series of misfortunes and harships, one after another
  • Jatayu - vulture
  • Heros journey towards lanka to save the princess
  • Sujriv and Bali Battle
  • Laxman gets wounded in battle, human brings the mountain top
  • sita was a hostage for 1 year
  • after 14 years return home

# Mughal Empire 14th-16th CE

BHAJSA rules for almost 2 centuaries

Mughal rule on India timeline

  • 15th C Babar
    • 1st Battle of Panipat, won due to use of canons
  • Humayun
    • mostly fighting internal family fueds
  • Akbar
    • tried to unify religion
  • Jahangir
  • Shah Jahan
  • Aurangzeb
    • authorotarian, tyrant

# British Rule

No wonder the sun never sat on british empire, because even god could not trust the british in dark

Sashi Tharoor

  • WW1 1/6th of all british forces who fought in WW1 were indian
    • 54 million lost their lives
    • 8 billion pounds in todays money
  • India pulled scotland out of poverty during coloniasm
  • You cannot opress, enslave, kill, torture, rape, loot, discriminate people for 200 years and celebrate the fact that they are democratic at the end of it.
  • Nature of colonization - slave society
  • Without india and afric. Europe would be 3rd world nations.
  • British looted in India approximate 45 trillion dollars in 200 year.

# SWOT Analysis on India

  • nation is made up of citizens, so make better citizens
  • Limbs of Nations
    • Executive
    • Judiciary
    • military
    • Civil Services
  • Peoples aspiration should keep alive, not an empty dream
    • nationals aspiration to be peoples aspiration and peoples aspiration as nations aspiration
  • We have been trading with the rest of the world for over 10,000 years
  • If you dont pride in what you are, you will want to run away
  • Just 250 years ago we were the largest economy, whole of europe was thursting to come to india
    • wealtiest nation
    • knowledgable country
    • everyone wanted to be here
  • Vibration of sun matches when you utter the word AUM
  • We were the largest traders and exportes for 1000s of years

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