# Humanity


# Krishnmurthy

  • Inquire about the complex problem of desire.
    • Social and biological needs
  • Desire for amusement, money, to be successful, sex, excitement etc.
    • and demand for fulfillment
    • Religion says supress the desire!
    • We are not trying to encourage/supress it. Its a fact, its there, what do we do about it?

Is beauty a sensation?

  • Looking at the bautyful things arouses some sensations, its natural and healthy
  • We then create an image out of that sensation
    • When thought makes an image of sesnsation, then desire is more
    • Sensation is NOT desire.

You look at beautyful painting, and admire its beauty. It becomes a desire when a thought creeps in to have that painting in your room.

We need to find a way to maintain a gap between sensation and image. Both sensation and thought are kind of natural, we can manupulate image with training

  • Learning is discipline
  • How to we keep a seperation b/w thought and sensation.
  • Never be identified with any of this.

# God

Thoughts ruling our thoughts

  • Who has created god? Have we created god? or the god created us?

You are in a jungle and you have to walk alone, without anyones help. For that you need vitality, vigor and strength Not belief in god and goodness, belief has no place when truth is concerned.

  • If you beleive in something what value does it adds to your life?

    • Dont you want to find the truth and investigate yourself?
  • How To empty the contents of brain?

    • Tools offerend by religion?
  • Memory has a place as knowledge,

    • Knowledge as image has no place in relationships between human beings
  • Why are we hurt? How to have a mind incapable of being hurt?

  • Everythinf put together in this world hurt you? Education is so rotten

    • Consequences of being hurt, now you want to hurt others
    • Now you have anger, resitance, resentment
    • inwardly seperate
      • what to do after that?
  • Because I have an image about myself, As long as i have an image about myself, it is going to hurt

  • Is is possible to live without images? No conslusions, no prejudices

If I give my total attention to what is hurting, it does not register

  • Its only of inattention, that registration of hurt takes place

# Questions

  • Serious people tends to loose the capacity to laugh? Laughter?
  • Process of thinking? Structure of thought?
  • What has brought conflict inward? Why do we have conflict? Say one thing do another? Think one thing and act another? Whats the fndamental cause of conflict? Not the symptoms

Change the structure of society, through revolution and then we will have beautyful human beings Communits/christianity have done it! Does it work? But that produced outward conflict

  • Sense of security? What is security, physical and psycological? food, clothing, shelter
  • Why do want to be with a wife? Why am I frightened to be alone?
  • Brain functions well when its secure, I demand that security from my partner
    • Else I get frightened
    • I dont know who I am myself
  • What lies beyond security is FREEDOM

Such is the structure of thought, we expect/demand security when there is no security at all. Realize that very deeply that there is no psychological security

  • you are not attached to the human being, but the image that you have created of that human being
  • HOw to bridge these 2 facts
    • That I am insecure, lonely, confused
    • That there is NO security
    • Human beings are frightened, how do we observe that fact

We are a bundle of anger, hate, jealeousy, neuroticism, peculiar habits, idiosyncrasis, vanity, arrogance and god knows what.

  • That is me, anger is me, vanity is me
  • What to do to be never hurt? Have a mind incapable of being hurt

# How to live a life?

  • As the society exists now, is there a way to make right living?
    • Earning a living
    • And not having a conflict
      • Harmony with internal and external

  • Our actions are basaed upon memory, past experiences or a projected ideal/concept
  • Modern education is relatively easier, its mostly memorization.
  • also learn the psysological content of a human being.
  • Must always be calm and alert.
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