# Fun Facts


# Fast Food

Fast food is 1/2 trillion business

# Space Race

  • More than 563 people have made it off planet
  • 30 lives have been lost in space flights or space trainings
  • ~15 International space agencies with independent launch capabilities
  • Russians beat americans by launching Sputnik 1
  • Space is cold, but your body liquids will boil, no presssure to hold it
  • American first 7 military pilots called mercury 7
  • First man in space 108 minutes Yuri Gagarin
    • killed in a plane crash
  • Project Apollo - put a man on moon
  • Russia - first woman in space Valentina Tereshkova
  • colossal saturn 5
  • Photo of earth taken from moons orbit - Earthrise
    • Only colorful things in space, lets do our best to take care of little blue marble that we have
  • The heavens have become the part of man's world - man landed on moon
  • Most expensive thing ever built - ISS
    • Visible from naked eye
  • Humanity against the clock

# Rise of China

  • Major exporter of electronics and ACs
  • China + USA against Japan
    • china throws itself into mass production at epic scale
  • After WW2, civil war between US lead part and community party - Supre leader MAO
    • Peoples Republic of china is born
    • stock exchanges and ties to west were cut off
    • self reliant
  • Post MAO, open SEZs (soecial economic zones) in china to open exports
    • China is constructing neighbourhoods, the size of rome in every 2 weeks
  • Largest toy industry
  • People started demanding more Tiananmen Square
  • 1990 opened stock markets
  • counterfeited goods
    • 85% of world counterfeited goods
    • 3% from Turkey
    • Smartphone, luxary handbags, footwear, sports clothes, cosmetics
  • China enters World Trade Organization WTO 1990
  • 2008 worlds worst economic cryisi, its global after 1929
  • Chines government authorizes $586 billion bailout
    • chinese business pivot, and rise again
  • Belt and Road initiative ~ $1T in infrastructure
    • 12,000 Kms raiways from eastern china to london
    • Highway from china to pakistan port
  • 2025 chinas economy may surpass that of america

# Plastics

  • Every piece of plastic ever made, still exists today
  • We cant live without them? Can we live with them?
  • Types
    • Thermoplastics
    • Thermosets
  • Tortoise shell and Rhinohorn are plastics too
  • Soybean based plastics
  • Condoms - for birth control
  • Even off planet, Flag which Neil Armstrong plansts on moon is nylon plasti
  • Nature doesnt know how to break it down, there is nothing like it - Biggest environmental threat
    • Roughly a garbage truck worth of plastic is dumped into see every minute
    • Giant floating grabage dumps
    • There will be more plastic in see than fish
  • Globally only 19% of thrown away plastic is recycled
  • Body armour made from toughest plastic - kevlar
  • Predicted that naturally it might take upto 400 years to degrade, but who knows really!

# Middle East

Has 48% of thw worlds known oil reserves

  • Gulf war - punished Saddam Husaiin for invasion of iraq
    • Most intense air bombardments ever
  • 5 countries in middle east are among the 25 wealthiest in the world
  • Msot profitable company on planet - Saudi Aramco
    • 2018 - $111 Billion
  • 5 major wars and 5 uprisings
  • 36% of global oil production
  • Age of oils - George Bernard Reynolds discovers oil in persia - moern day Iran
  • Ever before WW1 ended, britain and france decides to carve up middle east for oils, arabs are not consulted
  • HOw did middle east ended up in so much oil?
    • Geography of earth
  • During WW2, oil reserves are found in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Quatar, UAE, yemen, oman
  • USA + saudi Arabia - 1951, arms for oils, House of saud on profits
  • Iran - Shah
  • Iraq Revolution - army seizes power overthrowing king
    • rise of Saddam Hussain
    • They wanted arab oils to be used in Arabia
    • They formed
  • USA dicovered Hydraulic Freacking
  • The Insane Engineering of the A-10 Warthog with GAU 8/A gatling gun

# Robots

  • 9 Million Robots
  • 3 million robots work in factories
  • Issac Asimov Laws of robots
  • Nokia first manufactures robotic arm in sacndenevia
  • then Kawasakhi, BMW, mercedes, Japan really embraces them in assembly line
  • AI - s/w that can write itself - think for itself
  • Deep blue - computer outthoughts a Human
  • Robtos can think for themselves
  • Self driving robot 1997 Sojourner goes to mars
    • 550 photos in 3 months
  • Drones delivering bloods in africa
  • Predator drones
  • Automated companions - in japan
  • Driverless cars race
  • Google Waymo -self driving taxi service
  • Traditional trders and truck drivers are no match for AI
  • Killer robots - US navy submarine seeker and destroyer

# Femenism

  • USA 1970
  • Women have same legal rights in only 8 countries, canada and european mostly
  • New Zealand first country to allow women to vote
  • In USA 1960
    • If any female employee gets pregnent, its legally allright to fire her.
    • Women cannot have credit cards without her husbands signature
    • Women were paid 60 cents for same 1$ work by men
    • traditionally women married around 20
  • Things changed after birth control pill
  • Marriaga and motherhood are not the only things for women
  • USA civil rights movement 1964, feminist lobbied to get sex added to to civil rights Act of 1964 and at last moment they sucesdded
  • NOW is born
  • UK equal pay act
  • Equal rights amanedments to USA constitution
    • USA lagging behind Isreal, India in electing women to highest political positions and top jobs
    • Sri Lanka - ceylon first nation to elect a female leader 1960
    • Indira Gandhi 1966 - India
    • Golda Meir 1969 - taskes charge of Isreal
    • 1979 Margret Thatcher PM of UK
  • Russia Pussy riot
  • Europe femin
    • Main körper gehört mir
  • 18 countries where husbands can prevent women from working
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_pay_gap_in_India
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_pay_gap_in_the_United_States

# Nuclear Power

Nuclear power vs carbon emission percentages between france and germany


40 million infected people worldwide, about the popullation of canada

  • 1981 first case
  • Africa has suffered the most, 25% of people do no teven know they have it
  • 1980s, In europe called as gay plague
  • HIV virus causes AIDS, its deadly
    • Attacks and kills white blood cells, when enough are killed, body looses its ability to fight external threats
  • Dicrimination and Homophobia starts spreading
  • HIV originates in chip in Africa -> Haiti -> worldwide
  • NAMES_Project_AIDS_Memorial_Quilt
  • Leading cause of death in USA
  • Activism starts
  • Staying quiet can be deadly


Nearly 1,50,000 people die each day


# Genetics

DNA - the code of life

  • Remains of Richard_III_of_England were found
  • DNA is the blueprint of life
    • WE still dont know whats in 98% of DNA
  • Chimps share 96% of same DNA as us
    • 64% of same DNA as Bananas
  • Ability to read DNA?
  • body -> cell -> nucleus -> Gnome 23 pairs chromosomes -> each chromosome contains DNA
    • these genes generates certain proteins
      • the molecules responsible for every fucntion in your body
  • Found in every form of life
  • Isolating the disease on gnome itself
  • DNA Fingerprinting / profiling
    • Forensics
  • First person caugh based on DNA evidence - colin Pitchfork
    • Serial rapist and murderer
  • Combined_DNA_Index_System
  • Map of human Gnome project
  • Artifically engineering the genetic traits
    • New crops, GMOs
  • Top producers of GMOs
    • USA, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Indai
    • Corn, soyabean are >90% engineered
    • Never been tested for safety
    • Interfering with nature, messing with forces that they do not understand
  • DNA cloning - dolly the sheep
  • Human cloning is banned in major countries except USA
  • 2015, FDA approved company 23AndMe sell genetic testing directly to consumers, DNA homekits
    • Search long lost relatives
  • Your DNA holds all your secrets about your past and your future

# Corona Virus

Zonotic Virus
when a virus jumps from a animal to human
  • Before closing borders, many leaders downplayed the situation
  • 2002 SARS
  • 2012 MERS
  • Virus are one of the frist living things on planet, but they are not alive
  • SARS-COV-2 - virus name, COVID-19 is the name of disease
  • Exponential increase in infection - epidemic
  • Men are at a higher risk
  • Virus is teaming with bats as it does not harm them
  • SARS also emerged in wet market in china
    • infected arounf 8000 people out of which 774 died
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Influenza_A_virus_subtype_H1N1
    • Pigs and humans, pigs and birds
  • Ebola
  • Best way to counter is IMMMUNITY
  • Small pox eradicated from world
  • Mother nature is the ultimate bio terrorist
  • China - Italy - USA
    • We need to get faster at containment

Pandemic diseases

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